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Environmental Commission

Glen Rock Environmental Commission Information

Meeting Dates: The GREC meets at 7:30 at the Municipal Building on the third Wednesday of each month. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Glen Rock Environmental Commission consists of seven volunteer residents and two alternates, all appointed by the Mayor.

Commission Members

Ben Meyer, chair
Elaine Silverstein
Michelle Tyler
David Lindley

Scott King – liaison to the Planning board
Candy Hall, Alternate
Sara Froiklin Gordon
, Alternate
Amy Martin – council member liaison to GREC

The role of the GREC is to inform residents about environmental matters and ways to help protect the environment, advise governing bodies on a variety of environmental issues, help explain programs and regulations of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, investigate environmental problems and offer solutions. 

The Glen Rock Environmental Commission has spearheaded several projects and campaigns in town including:

  • Certification in the Sustainable Jersey program for municipalities (re-certification occurs every 3 years): 2012 Bronze, 2015 Bronze, 2018 Silver, 2021 Silver
  • Energy related projects: increasing energy efficiency in the community (discounted home energy audits, upgrades to municipal buildings exploiting the NJ Target Install incentives), calculating the community carbon footprint, installing of EV (electric vehicles) charging stations, evaluating the implementation of a R-GEA (renewable energy aggregation) for GR residents
  • Plastic reduction & recycling related projects (in collaboration with the Green team): outreach to educate residents and business owners to reduce single-use plastic (plastic bags, plastic straws and bottles, styrofoam), public showing of “Plastic ocean” at borough hall, Styrofoam collection (recycle packaging styrofoam), implementation of TREX program to collect and recycle single use plastic bags.
  • Mentor MS and HS students with environmental-friendly projects and in applying for grants from Sustainable Jersey: elimination of Styrofoam from MS/HS school cafeteria, revamping recycling at HS, school district-wide healthy eating project, cafeteria composting pilot project
  • Position paper on the negative impact of an artificial Turf Field in Lower Faber Field to the health of the players and the surrounding environment
  • Town-wide anti-idling campaign, to remind motorist that idling is unhealthy and that idling for more than 3 minutes is illegal
  • Campaign to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of single-use plastic bags, including handing our GREC-designed reusable bags. Survey on single-use plastic bags within the borough business to gauge for a potential interest in an ordinance banning plastic bags
  • Shop the Rock: a shop local and bring your own bag initiative

For a fuller description of the Glen Rock Environmental Commission accomplishments, read our Annual Report below.

A Letter from GREC to Mayor & Council Regarding Nabisco



The Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) appreciates the substantial efforts from the Mayor and Council in providing updated information to the Glen Rock residents on the on-going plans for demolition for the Nabisco plant in the section of Fair Lawn adjacent to Glen Rock residential properties. We are providing this communication to the Mayor and Council in accordance with our mission to advise the M&C regarding environmental matters.

Given the substantial extent of the demolition project and its close proximity to our residents, while we trust that the project will be done in conformity with all state and federal regulations, we remain concerned about the potential safety and environmental impacts related to the April 15, 2023 scheduled implosion of the Nabisco plant. Particular concern is focused on the residential properties and Hamilton Elementary School located in very close proximity to the Nabisco facilities.

Due to the common use of hazardous materials (including but not limited to asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs) in the construction of older buildings, GREC is concerned that the demolition and final implosion event may result in spreading these materials to neighboring properties. We are aware that the asbestos will be completely removed before the implosion, but, nevertheless, to reduce residents’ concerns, we recommend that the Mayor and Council request that the demolition company arrange for independent soil testing of the properties in close proximity to the demolition, and possibly at the Hamilton School playground and fields. The testing should be conducted both prior to and following the implosion (same day or day after). In addition, we recommend that continuous air monitoring be conducted prior to, during, and for some time after the implosion to ensure that particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5) and other harmful material is not present. In addition, dust clean-up should be offered by the contractor in case significant dust resulting from the implosion is found. Confirming the absence of hazardous materials in the ground and air will help further reassure and protect public health and the environment and give everybody peace of mind. Any soil testing and other follow-up would be subject to the approval of each individual property owner.

We also recommend that our concerns be communicated to New Jersey state representatives such as Lisa Swain, Chris Tully, Joe Lagana, and possibly other legislators. Specifically, the current distance of 200 ft for notice to residents should be increased for large-scale demolitions.

Finally, we are cognizant that the demolition at the former Nabisco site is only one step in the redevelopment process, and that the construction and operation of a new facility at that site may raise additional concerns for nearby residents and schoolchildren, and the wider Glen Rock community. We suggest that the channels of communication that have been built to share information regarding the demolition be maintained and used to provide Glen Rock’s elected officials, and the broader Glen Rock community, with information on additional plans early in that process, and to listen to any questions or concerns Glen Rock might raise.

Again, we appreciate all that the Mayor and Council have done. This is an important environmental issue, and we are grateful for the opportunity to present our recommendations to the Mayor and Council.

To download the letter please click here.


Community Garden Club

Grow your own organic vegetables and herbs at the Community Garden located on Main Street

Residents of Glen Rock are eligible for plots as they become available, to inquire about availability please email

GREC & Schools

Mentor MS and HS students with environmental-friendly projects: elimination of Styrofoam from MS/HS school cafeteria, revamping recycling at HS, school distric-wide healthy eating project, etc