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Rain Garden

As demonstration projects to show residents examples of Green Infrastructures, in May 2021 GREC installed a RAIN GARDEN at the entrance of the Glen Rock pool.

To pay for this project GREC had received a $1,500 grant from ANJEC.

Plants included: Black-eyed Susan, Asclepias tuberosa, Mountain mint, Joe Pye weed, Dwarf Goldenrod, and Clethra.


  • A RAIN GARDEN is an attractive environmentally-friendly way to improve water quality!
  • It includes native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs that filter and absorb stormwater runoff flowing off hard surfaces like a roof, or parking lot, driveway….

What are the BENEFITS of a rain garden?

  • Filters pollution mixed in stormwater runoff (fertilizer, pesticides oil, etc)
  • Recharges groundwater by allowing clean water lowly soaking into the earth
  • Provides habitat for butterflies, birds and other creatures
  • Prevents sewers from being overwhelmed

rain garden

What is a Rain Barrel?

It is another example of green infrastructure to capture rain water and prevent it from reaching the stormwater system as runoff.

As demos, the Glen Rock Arboretum has set up two RAIN BARRELS that capture water from the roof of the tool shed and the roof of the recently built Environmental Education center.

Rain Barrel at Arboretum shed

Rain barrel