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Emergency Management

What is the Office of Emergency Management (OEM)?
The OEM takes care of the Community in many ways. It continuously updates the Borough's Emergency Operations Plan which is a guideline for how any emergency in town is handled. It is based on an all hazards plan which covers anything from natural events such as hurricanes to man made events such as terrorism.
It also communicates with all of our Emergency Services such as Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance Corps. and our CERT team.

Other than communication, how does the OEM work with our Emergency Services?
The OEM works in the following ways with our Emergency Service:

  • Helps to coordinate drills.
  • Coordinates resources in a true emergency.
  • Acts as the Ryan White contact for accidental exposures.
  • Sees that their county and state incident command courses are up to date and supplies materials for the courses.
  • Acts as a liaison between all the Emergency Services.

Does the OEM interact with our Schools?
OEM visits the schools each year to see that their evacuation and lockdown procedures are up to date. We also check to see that they have adequate supplies in the schools in case the children need to be there for a while. We speak with the Superintendent of Schools as well as the principals to see that they are comfortable with emergency procedures and assist them in any way we can.

Can I volunteer?
Yes! There are many ways you can volunteer with the Glen Rock Office of Emergency Management. Please consider the following options:

  • Join the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps. For more information, visit
  • Join the Glen Rock Volunteer Fire Department. For more information, visit

Volunteer to help with our Seniors and Special Needs Program. For more information, email


Tom Jennings, Coordinator

Joanne Perry, Deputy Coordinator

Greg Carter, Deputy Coordinator

2022 Emergency Management Council Members

Kristine Morieko, Mayor
Thomas Jennings, Emergency Management Coord
JoAnn Perry, Emergency Management Dpty 
Greg Carter, Emergency Management Dpty
Lenora Benjamin, Borough Administrator
Mary Barchetto, Council Member
Chief Dean Ackermann, Chief of Police
Tom Jennings, Chief of the Fire Department
Mike Teegan, Chief GR Volunteer Ambulance Corp
Michael Rinderknecht, School Business Administrator
Brian Frugis, Bldg. Dept., Municipal Building, Glen Rock
Marilynn Bernstein, President Board of Health