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Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Glen Rock's Shade Tree Advisory Committee's mission is to advise the Borough Council and the Director of Public Works as to future plans related to planting, pruning, replacing, and maintaining the Borough-owned shade trees.

Meetings take place in Borough Hall on the first Tuesday of each month except July 4, 2023, at 7:15 p.m., and are open to all residents.

Residents with concerns about shade trees in the Borough right-of-way are encouraged to contact the Director of the DPW to begin the process for assessing their shade trees:

  • Step 1: Resident phones (201) 670-3980 to request a shade tree evaluation; this call generates a work order
  • Step 2: DPW visits the property and determines if the tree is dead or alive, or in need of trimming, and if necessary determines if there is room for a new tree
  • Step 3: DPW determines the best course of action: If a tree needs pruning, the Municipal Services team will trim as required.  If a tree is determined to be dead or dying, the resident will be informed and the DPW will remove the tree.
  • Step 4: When a tree must be removed, the resident can request a specific species from a list of approved species to replace it and the Committee will try to accommodate the request. Click here to see the approved species list. (PDF)
  • Step 5: The Committee evaluates each request for planting, discusses the options during the Committee session and decides if the species requested meets all Committee's criteria or if another species would be better suited for that particular location.
  • Step 6: In cases where there is not enough room to plant a tree between the sidewalk and the curb, the DPW is willing to plant the new tree on the homeowner's property, but the homeowner must sign a letter from the Director of Public Works before the tree is planted.
Committee Members
Candy Hall, ChairTerry Higgins, MemberCheryl Wardrop, Member
Pieter Slump, Member
Mike DaSilva, Member
Sue Tryforos, Alternate
Julia Della Torre, Alternate
Amy Martin, Council Liaison
Bob Buono, Ex-Officio Member

Shade Tree Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

6 Aug
Shade Tree Committee Meeting
Date 08.06.2024 7:15 pm
3 Sep
Shade Tree Committee Meeting
09.03.2024 7:15 pm
1 Oct
Shade Tree Committee Meeting
10.01.2024 7:15 pm
5 Nov
Shade Tree Committee Meeting
11.05.2024 7:15 pm
3 Dec
Shade Tree Committee Meeting
12.03.2024 7:15 pm