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Home Energy Audits

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Home improvements can increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and importantly save homeowner money. Energy efficiency upgrades can also make a home comfortable and provide an opportunity to address health and safety issues, such as poor air quality.

  • Owners of older homes are particularly vulnerable to rising energy costs. Homes built prior to the 1970s’ oil embargo are often much less energy-efficient than newer units.
  • More than half of the 80 million single-family homes in the United States were constructed before modern energy codes existed.
  • Many homes are poorly insulated, have high levels of air infiltration, inefficient heating and air conditioning systems, and inefficient water heaters and appliances.
  • About 40% of households report at least some winter drafts and 60% complain of a room that is too warm in the summer.
  • Energy efficiency audits can identify sources of poor air quality and other safety and comfort issues in the home that will be addressed in recommended energy efficiency upgrades.

Home Energy Audit – Description of the program

Under the Home Energy Audit Program residents of Glen Rock can receive a home energy assessment from Ciel Power at a discounted price of $49. Homeowners who proceed to implement energy efficiency measures can qualify for rebates and zero interest financing, through the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

Since 2014 ….. homeowners have used the discounted HEA program received written reports with findings and recommendations. After review homeowners are free to decide if they want to move ahead with any of the energy upgrade recommendations and whether they wish to use the auditing firm or another qualified contractor whose work can qualify the homeowner for up to $5000.00 in state grants and up to $10,000 in no-interest loans.

The rebates and incentives will help offset the cost of installing insulation and upgrading heating, cooling, and hot water systems. A portion of these incentives may also be applied towards the remediation of health and safety concerns such as asbestos, knob and tube wiring, and mold.

Home Energy Audit – What to expect

The assessment takes around three hours and the Ciel Power technician collects approximately 250 “data points” on each residence. The result is a detailed report highlighting the potential for energy savings. The assessment report typically recommends such measures as additional insulation, sealing of cracks and gaps, encapsulating crawl spaces and upgrading appliances and HVAC. Reports are provided showing the “before” and “after” test results so that the homeowner can see the effects of the work completed.

While the Mayor and Borough Council have approved the program and the borough’s partnership with Ciel Power, neither the assessment nor the recommended work from the report are in any way mandatory and the consumer is under no obligation to hire Ciel Power for the suggested work. Ciel Power, LLC is both a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited contractor and also a licensed New Jersey Home Improvement contractor.

Any interested Glen Rock homeowner may contact Ciel Power to schedule a Home Energy Audit via their website at