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Sustainable Backyards: Pesticides-Free

Residents interested in organic gardening and lawn care (that do NOT include the use of harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides) are encouraged to read the following manual for best management practices manual for organic land care prepared and published 1 April 2017 by the for Rutgers University Cooperative Extension.
Additional recommendations not included in the manual are here below:

  1. Turf lawn alternatives for part shade/shade i.e. native woodland sedges (Carex pensylvanica, Carex appalachia etc. )
  2. Fallen leaves serve as the best mulch there is:
    • Layers of leaves accumulated year and after decompose and slowly recreate a humus layer only found in natural forested sites. The decomposing leaves return nutrients to soil, while retaining moisture, and reduce weed growth.  Leaves that are not shredded are best as they retain the most moisture and reduce competition of weeds.  

Backyard Composting Guidelines

G rass: Cut it and Leave it Guidelines NJ DEP

Leave the Leaves Guidelines

Organic Land Care Manual - Rutgers U April 2017