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Glen Rock Refuses Plastic

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1. REFUSE Single-Use Plastic Bags:

  • Use re-usable bags when you go shopping. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get 1-2 reusable bags:

Red GUGR bagBlue GUGR bag

  • Don’t put your plastic bags in the trash or in the recycling. Rather, collect your plastic bags and bring to the supermarket that recycles them (Stop and Shop, Shop-rite, Whole Foods…..)
  • In Spring 2018 GREC coordinated a residents effort to recycle bags by participating to the “TREX plastic film and bag recycling challenge”: 500 pounds were collected and the borough will be rewarded with a bench made of recycled into plastic.
  • In March 2019, GREC proposed the following SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAG REDUCTION ORDINANCE, sponsored by Councilmember Kreibich to reduce our single-use bag consumption.

plastic film collection challenge

2. REFUSE Plastic Bottles:

  • Use refillable bottles instead.

CLICK HERE to watch GR Students Presented to the Council.

  • Glen Rock Borough Hall is going “Plastic Bottle Free” !

Glen Rock was awarded a $2,000 grant from PSE&G and Sustainable Jersey. The funding was used to install a reverse osmosis filtration system in the council chambers conference room and a water bottle filling station for the 1st floor hallway. The GREC/Green Team Summer Interns created fliers illustrating the project and presented the results to the council in July 2018. Watch this short video!

  • Glen Rock goes “Back to Tap”: several hydration stations have been installed at the Glen Rock schools, that allow students to easily refill their bottles with cooled, filtered water.

Plastic bottles poster

2 students using hydration stationBack to tap

3. REFUSE All Plastic
The 2018 Green Team Summer Interns worked to educate residents and business owners on the importance of REFUSING single use plastic materials. They focused on Plasti 
c Straws, Plastic Bags, Plastic Bottles, and Styrofoam”. As part of this effort, the Summer interns organized a public screening of the movie “Plastic Ocean” on 7/31/2018 that attracted over 150 people.
4 internsDiscuss after the movie