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1 Harding Plaza
Glen Rock

1 Harding Plaza Glen Rock
M-F: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: (201) 670-3956

Leaf Removal

Leaf pick up is usually scheduled by Voting District. To View the Voting District Map, click link below.

Leaf pick-up is scheduled throughout the Fall as posted in the Borough Calendar and online.  All residents are encouraged to bag their leaves, but residents living on County roads (Maple Avenue, Prospect Street and Lincoln Avenue) are particularly encouraged to use the bags.

Loose leaves and those packed in bio-degradable bags will all be picked up from the curb. Some important things to consider during leaf season:

  • Never park any vehicle on top of leaves. Doing so can cause your vehicle to ignite the leaves and in turn, ignite your vehicle.
  • When you place your leaves at the curb, use your garden hose to wet them down. This will do two things: First it will reduce the amount of leaves blowing back onto your property. Second, it will reduce the chance of your leaf pile igniting.

The Big Sweep is a volunteer organization available to help seniors clear the leaves from their property. To learn how to get help from The Big Sweep for yourself or your neighbor, please call (201) 670-3956.