Monday - Friday

P: (201) 670-3956
F: (201) 670-3959

1 Harding Plaza
Glen Rock

1 Harding Plaza Glen Rock
M-F: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: (201) 670-3956

Recycling Pick Ups

  • Cardboard is picked up with newspapers, magazines, books, and junk mail on select Wednesdays, once or twice per month as listed in the Borough Calendar.
  • Aluminum, tin cans, glass, and plastic are be picked up from the curb every other Thursday, as listed in the Borough Calendar with at least two pick ups per month.
  • It is important to note that Borough Holidays interrupt the regular collection schedule, so be sure to check the Borough Calendar for specific dates.

Glen Rock has a Borough Ordinance requiring residents to recycle specific materials; this means the items below must be separated from garbage and rubbish for curbside pickup on specified days or taken to the Recycling Center on Doremus Avenue.

Acceptable Commingled Materials
  1. Aluminum Food and Beverage Containers: Aluminum soda and beer cans, pet food cans, etc. (Clean) Aluminum foil and pie plates
  2. Glass Food and Beverage Containers: Flint (clear) Amber (brown) Emerald (green)
  3. Ferrous Cans: Bimetal/Tin/Steel soup, food, coffee cans, etc.
  4. P.E.T. Plastic Containers with the Symbol #1 - Plastic water, soda or beverage bottles of various colors
  5. H.D.P.E. Natural Plastic Containers with Symbol #2 - Milk jug and water jug containers only (narrow neck containers)
  6. H.D.P.E. Pigmented Plastic Containers with Symbol #2 - Household detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc. (narrow neck containers)
  7. PP Polypropylene Containers with the symbol #5- Found in some Yogurt ,butter, margarine containers, Syrup and ketchup bottles   
  8. Gable topped milk, juice, soup and other beverage cartons as well as Aseptic cartons
recycling the right way flyer