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ABOUT GLEN ROCK » mayor's welcome

A Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the Glen Rock website.

Please take a look at Glen Rock through this site. Learn about all the town has to offer and learn about what’s happening, where and when. We’ve made huge strides in providing timely and accurate information about the town. And it’s getting easier and easier to navigate through the site.

Enjoy the ride and enjoy the featured information about activities around The Rock. I like to boast about the town, so let me ramble a little. It has friendly residents, a great business district and a top-notch school system. We’re proud of how safe the town is and we’re equally proud of our great pool, our super library and all the varied forms of and spots for recreation, both active and a little less active.

But what really makes Glen Rock sizzle are the residents. They offer their volunteer services in many, many ways…at the schools, in the sports organizations, on municipal boards, in the various houses of worship and in keeping up our Glen Rock traditions, for example, the group that makes our Independence Day parade an event that people come back home for.

So, take a trip through Glen Rock by surfing the website. If you have comments or suggestions, click on ‘Contact Us’ in the upper right corner of any page.

John van Keuren