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Historical Society

1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock
Phone: (201) 652-6844

Meeting Dates: As needed

PDF DOWNLOAD - HOME COMPOSTING (Rutgers Cooperative Extension)

Green Up Glen Rock, is a town-wide initiative led by the GREC.  We team up with local merchants, residents, schools and organizations to conduct projects that will help make Glen Rock a cleaner, greener, healthier place to live. (And, you will probably end up saving money, too!) Some of these recent projects are:

Bring Your Own Bag – Carry reusable shopping bags to avoid the waste caused by single-use plastic and paper bags.

Shop the Rock – Skip the malls and shop local. You’ll be a build a stronger community and reduce your auto emissions.

Community Garden – Grow your own organic vegetables and herbs at the Community Garden located on Main Street.

Anti-idling – Be considerate. Don’t idle your engine and we’ll all breathe easier.

Idle-free April: turn the key, be idle-free

  • it is illegal in the state of New Jersey to idle your vehicle for more than 3 minutes.
  • Please, Consider it - Be Considerate: turn off your engine when waiting and help protect the health and safety of children by reducing harmful vehicle emissions in town and around school campuses”.
  • View a short 3’ Video:
Leave the leaves – in the fall keep the leaves for composting, for winter-protection of plants and flower beds and as natural fertilizer. An added benefit is to reduce the leaf collection and removal by the borough (download guidelines)

Grass, cut it and leave it - leave grass clippings on the lawn after mowing, the nitrogen released will act as natural fertilizer. An additional benefit is to reduce yard waste the borough has to dispose of (download guidelines)

Home composting – recycle food scraps, yard waste and leaves by composting naturally, the way nature does it. And use the compost as natural fertilizer for your plants, garden, and flowers (download guidelines)

Working together, we can keep Glen Rock a good place to come home to for future generations.

Join us on the Green Up Glen Rock Facebook page.

PDF DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - This brochure contains a map of Glen Rock's Arboretum which indicates the identity and location of a large number of trees. It also includes a list of trees recommended for planting in homeowners backyards!

Storm Water
Rain washes pollutants into storm drains and directly into our lakes, rivers and the ocean. So what can you do?
  • Recycle used oil at certified facilities and maintain your vehicle to prevent leaks.
  • Follow the directions on the fertilizer bag, do not apply before it rains and use only when necessary.
  • Take your car to a car wash where the water gets treated and recycled
  • Properly dispose of your pet's waste by flushing it down the toilet or by placing it in a bag and throwing it in the trash.
For more information on ways you can protect our water supply, visit Clean Water NJ.

Diamond Brook
A Natural Filter Much of the land surrounding Diamond Brook was originally wetlands – marshy and boggy due to underground springs. Portions of undisturbed wetlands still remain behind Upper Faber Field, in the Arboretum and in Diamond Brook Park. Wetlands are crucial to the environment because they:

  • Help control flooding
  • Improve water quality
  • Replenish drinking water
  • Provide critical habitat
  • Allow education and recreation opportunities. Learn more about Diamond Brook and the role it serves in managing storm water in Glen Rock.
Click here to view the Diamond Brook Brochure

Green Infrastructure

Diamond Brook is a critical element of Glen Rock's "green infrastructure." "Green infrastructure" refers to those natural system that provide vital functions that keep our community healthy, clean and safe. These natural systems include rivers, streams, forests, wetlands and open spaces. These natural features quietly and beautifully clean the we air breathe, manage flooding, cool our homes and neighborhoods, and provide many other functions. Green infrastructure must be thoughtfully maintained to function effectively. When neglected or destroyed, it must often be replaced by costly, man-made structures that usually do not function as well despite the far greater expense. Learn more

Glen Rock:  Watershed Management Area 4
Glen Rock is located within Watershed Management Area 4, which includes the Lower Passaic River (from the Pompton River confluence downstream to the Newark Bay) and its tributaries, including the Saddle River. The WMA 4 drainage area is approximately 180 square miles and lies within portions of Passaic, Essex, Hudson, Morris and Bergen Counties.  To learning more about Watershed Management Area 4, visit the WMA 4 page on the NJ DEP website.

Watering Your Lawn
United Water’s lawn-watering program allows residents to maintain healthy yards without wasting water.

Just check the ET - short for EvapoTranspiration – number on United Water’s website before watering. The number will tell you when and for how long you should water for optimal results with minimal water usage!

Check Today’s ET number!  

United Water partners with local weather experts who help determine when your lawn needs watering. They measure water loss from soil through evaporation and moisture loss from plants through transpiration, and determine a daily ET number. That’s the optimal amount of water your lawn truly needs on any given day.

Your lawn stays green and healthy, and United Water says its customers save up to $200 a year by following the ET guidelines!

PDF DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - This brochure contains a map of Glen Rock's Arboretum which indicates the identity and location of a large number of trees. It also includes a list of trees recommended for planting in homeowners backyards!

Glen Rock Conservation Plan

The Municipal Land Use Law provides requires the Borough have a conservation plan as part of its municipal master plan.  As such, the GREC worked with the Borough to establish a Conservation Plan that focuses on preserving the Borough’s natural resources to allow for the continuation of natural processes and to ensure those resources are available for generations to come. To read the Borough of Glen Rock’s Conservation Plan, click here.

Environmental Resource Inventory
The Environmental Resources Inventory (ERI) presents an inventory and discussion (through text, tables and graphics) of the important natural resources and environmental features in the Borough of Glen Rock. This report is intended to provide a baseline snapshot of the Borough’s natural assets for measuring, evaluating, and prioritizing resource protection issues. The identification of significant environmental resources is a necessary first step toward ensuring their protection and preservation.

To read Glen Rock’s Environmental Resource Inventory, follow the links below:

Environmental Impact Reports
When significant land use projects and site plans are proposed, the GREC researches the issue and prepares reports on the environmental considerations of these proposals. We share these reports with the relevant governing bodies, such as the Borough Council and the Planning Board. Our intent is to ensure that proposals adhere to: local and state environmental ordinances and regulations,goals set forth in Glen Rock's Master Plan, Conservation Plan, and other governing documents, and include as many environmental best practices as practicable. Our goal is keep Glen Rock a clean, healthy, affordable place to live today...and for generations to come. Recent GREC reports include:

Sustainable Land Use Pledge
Smart growth is a difficult and long term proposition. As a significant, but beginning step, Sustainable Land Use Pledges are designed to be a public affirmation of a municipality’s intention to align its land-use decision-making and policies to support smart growth and sustainable development.

The Borough of Glen Rock affirmed its commitment to support smart growth and sustainable development when it signed Glen Rock’s Sustainable Land Use Pledge.

To read Glen Rock’s Sustainable Land Use Pledge, click here. (NOTE TO GREC: This is the ordinance, not the pledge. It would make more sense to have the pledge here… can you please send me a copy?)

For more information, see

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