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Maps & Statistics

Tax Zone Maps
Please check the Key Map for the appropriate zone you wish to view. Glen Rock maps are presented in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is required to view each map.

Key Map
All zones
Zone 1
Beech Rd., Forest Rd., Glendale Rd., Grove Ave., Maple Ave., Marlboro Rd., Midwood Rd., Prospect Str., Rock Rd., S. Highwood Ave., Sycamore Terr.
Zone 2
Ackerman Ave., Broad Str., Clifton Pl., Dean Str., Elizabeth Str., Henry Str., Highwood Ave., Lehigh Pl., Maple Ave., South Highwood Ave.
Zone 3
Ackerman Ave., Amherst Ct., Ashton Pl., Bedford Pl., Bergen Str., Broad Str., Hamilton Ave., Harding Rd., Maple Ave., Van Allen Rd.
Zone 4
Demarest Str., Doremus Ave., Leone Court, Rutland Rd.)
Zone 5
Chatham Place, Dunham Place, Lincoln Ave., Lowell Rd., McKinley pl., Plymouth Rd., Rutland Rd., Wellesley Rd., Windham Pl.
Zone 6
Cedar Str., Concord Ave., Diamond Ct., Doremus Ave., Glen Blvd.,
Greenway Rd., Isabella Pl., Lincoln Ave., Lowell Rd., Malvern Pl., Oak Knoll Rd., Pembroke Pl., Rock Rd., Rutland Rd., Spruce Pl.
Zone 7
Cambridge Pl., Doremus Ave., Eton Pl. Hillside Ave., Hillview Terr., Holt Ave., Holt Court, Lincoln Ave., Marinus Pl., Oxford Pl., Princeton Pl., Rock Rd., The Blvd. West Main Str.
Zone 8
Birchwood Rd., Eton Pl., Fairview Ave., Ferndale Ave., Goodviet Pl., Grandview Ave., Lincoln Ave., Main Str., Princeton Pl., Serafin Pl., The Blvd., Tonawanda Rd., William Pl.
Zone 9
Aberdeen Pl., Birchwood Rd., Bradford Str., Cumberland Rd., Ferndale Ave., Main Str., Maple Ave., Rodney Str., Roxbury Pl., Tonawanda Rd.
Zone 10
Austin Pl., Glen Ave., Hamilton Ave., Harding Plaza, Harding Rd., Iona Pl., Main Str., Maple Ave., Rock Rd., Rodney Str., Valley Rd., West Plaza
Zone 11
Ackerman Ave., Berkeley Pl, Buckingham Pl. Carlton Pl., Central Ave., Devonshire Pl., Ferguson Pl., Maple Ave., Rock Rd., South Highwood Ave.
Zone 12
Grove Str., Prospect Str.
Zone 13
Alan Ave., Benson Rd., Delmar Ave., East Gramercy, Harristown Rd., Hillman Ave., Jerome Ave., Pinelynn Rd., Prospect Ave., Rock Rd., Spottswood Rd.
Zone 14
Belmont Rd., Berkeley Pl., Carol Court, Emerson Rd., Gramercy Pl., Hamilton Ave., Harristown Rd., Highland Rd., Pinelynn Rd., Ridge Rd., Rock Rd., Thurston Terr.
Zone 15
Abbington Terr., Clinton Pl., Edgemont Rd., Glen Ave., Gramercy Pl., Hamilton Ave., Harristown Rd., Maple Ave., Stonefield Rd., Wadsworth Rd.
Zone 16
Harristown Rd., Maple Ave., Rodney Str., Romary Ct., Waldron Ave.
Zone 17
Argyle Rd., Ferndale Ave., Hanover Pl., Harristown Rd., Heathcote Rd., Main Str., Maple Ave., Robinson Ave., Thornbury Ave.
Zone 18
Berry Pl., Cornelia Pl., Harristown Rd., Lincoln Ave., Mortlock Pl., The Boulevard., William Pl.
Zone 19
Belvidere Rd., Berwyn Pl., Brookfield Ave., Harristown Rd. Hazelhurst Ave., Monmouth Rd., Nottingham Rd., Oaklynn Pl., Radburn Rd.
Zone 20
Chestnut Dr., Cornwall Rd., Cranford Rd., Crestwood Dr., Garret Pl., Gaynor Pl., George Rd., Gibson Pl., Godfrey Terr., Gordon Pl., Graham Pl., Griswold Pl., Grover Terr., Hamilton Ave., Harristown Rd., Kirkwood Pl., Pinelynn Rd., Radburn Rd., Winslow Terr.
Zone 21

Beverly Rd., Delmar Ave., Elmwood Ave., Fairmount Ave., Fieldmere Ave., Garvey Pl., Gaynor Pl., Glenfair Rd., Hillman Ave., Pinelynn Rd., Prospect Str., Woodvale Rd., Yardley Ct.

Zone 22
Alan Ave., Chadwick Pl., DeYoung Rd., Ellsworth Terr., Manor Ct., Prospect Str., Tilghman Dr.
Zone 23
Andover Terr., Beekman Pl., Chadwick Pl., Driscoll Pl. Ellsworth Terr., Franklin Pl., Herold Dr., Keith Pl., Leigh Terr., Prospect Str.


The Glen Rock Department of Public Works has divided the town into two areas: North/West and South/East; it uses these two areas to schedule routine pickups of household trash, rubbish and recycling based on these routes.

To determine if your residence is included the North/West or South/East route, please refer to the DPW Route Map.

North/West Route:

  • Homes located west of Maple Avenue, AND
  • Homes located east of Maple Avenue bounded by Ackerman Avenue, Rock Road, and the Ridgewood - Glen Rock boundary line. 

South/East Route:

  • Homes located east of Maple Avenue, excluding the area bounded by Ackerman Avenue, Rock Road, and the Ridgewood - Glen Rock boundary line. 
To learn more about the Department of Public Works, please click here.
Glen Rock is divided into 7 Voting Districts. Voting Districts determine polling locations for residents on Election Day. In addition, the Glen Rock Department of Public Works may use Voting Districts to schedule town-wide clean-up projects such as leaf removal.

To view a map of Glen Rock’s Voting Districts, click here.

Polling Locations:
Districts 1 & 2 -- Central School Gym
Districts 3 & 8 -- Glen Rock Municipal Building
Districts 4 & 5 -- Alexander Hamilton School Gym
District 6 -- Glen Rock High School Lobby (Enter through Harristown Avenue Doors)
District 7 -- Coleman School Lobby 

To learn more about Voting & Elections, please click here.
According to the 2010 US Census, Glen Rock had over 11,000 people leaving in about 3,700 households in 2010 – and the average house value was over $600,000! To learn more about the US Census results for NJ, Bergen County or the Borough of Glen Rock, click on the links below.

Quick Facts about New Jersey from the 2010 US Census

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