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About Glen Rock » Glen Rock Library

Glen Rock Library

Glen Rock Public Library
315 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
Phone: 201.670.3970

Friends of the Glen Rock Library

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The Glen Rock Library in New Jersey is a member of The Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), a consortium of public libraries that delivers quality library service to the general public through sharing of books and other materials, purchasing, maintaining and sharing a computer system and providing common access to electronic resources.

The Glen Rock Public Library's mission is to provide high quality services and resources in order to meet the educational, informational, occupational, and cultural and leisure time needs of the Glen Rock community.

Since 1982, the Friends of the Library, a diverse group of young parents, professionals, business people, homemakers, seniors and others have been dedicated to supporting and enhancing the Library and its services with their time, effort and fundraising.

Funds are primarily raised by the Great Book Sale, All*Star Readathon, membership dues and special gifts.  Highlights of gifts the group has paid for over the years are the purchase of library furnishings, computers for the Children’s Room, special on-line services, audio books, large print books, and electronic resource materials. 

Another large portion of the group’s underwriting is dedicated to special programs for adults and children, including the very popular annual summer reading program.  The group made a major donation of $75,000 to the Capital Campaign for the Library’s renovation. 

Become a member of the Friends and generously donate.  With your help, the Friends can continue to support Glen Rock’s fine Library.  The Glen Rock Public Library could not be what it is today without the help of its Friends.